Beta Change Log



released on 2024-03-15

  • Fixed cases:
    • WPX-1222: Move file manager button/link to the left side bar.
    • WPX-2043: Fix a bug with the theme card image size.
    • WPX-2545: Enable CloudLinux object_cache feature.
    • WPX-2568: Handle missing or broken image for themes and plugins.
    • WPX-2667: Fix a bug where the install button on the install new theme dialog was not showing disabled when a theme was not selected.
    • WPX-2682: Fix margins of maintenance mode toggle to match interface.
    • WPX-2688: Amend language about website statistics to be more specific about what the information represents.
    • WPX-2741: Add php-redis to EasyApache profile.
    • WPX-2764: Re-enable CloudLinux features when restoring WP Squared instances.
    • WPX-2774: Update WordPress Toolkit Package to version 6.3.0-8092.
    • WPX-2807: MariaDB 10.6 is now the default MySQL version.
    • WPX-2827: Handle 2FA API response for WHM correctly.
    • WPX-2858: Update the theme card styles in the add new themes dialog.
    • WPX-2886: Implement backups, restores, and transfers for WP Squared.
    • WPX-2904: Show primary domain DNS records in table.
    • WPX-2905: Fix copyright for 2FA login page.
    • WPX-2906: Fix alignment of TXT record text and 'Copy' button in table.
    • WPX-2921: Re-enable DNS record form on error.
    • WPX-2932: Preserve the creation order of WPTK websites during restore.
    • WPX-2936: Fix post_snapshot logic to restore MariaDB.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases:
    • BOO-3425: Genericize cPanel/WHM callouts to MySQL.
    • BOO-3425: Bump angular-ng packages version in rpm.versions.
    • CPANEL-41383: Don't report warnings for domains covered by wildcards.
    • CPANEL-43819: Ensure an ACME account is created after the Let's Encrypt plugin is installed, regardless of the AutoSSL provider being enabled.
    • EK-114: Remove the defunct allow-retry option from checkallsslcerts.
    • EK-114: Remove the cPanel/Sectigo AutoSSL provider.
    • RE-202: Fixed the update mechanism for the elevate-cpanel script so it only updates when needed.
    • WPX-2866: Update cpanel-perl-536-directory-queue to 2.1-2.cp108 Update cpanel-perl-536-no-worries to 1.7-2.cp108.
    • WPX-2876: Fix warning from DynamicUI::Loader.


released on 2024-03-04

  • Implemented case:

    • WPX-2178: Enable usage of CF global API token.
  • Fixed cases:

    • WPX-1536: Update interface behavior to fetch backup schedule each time dialog is opened to ensure accurante settings are presented to user.
    • WPX-2369: Prevent transfers for cPanel accounts to WP2 and vice-versa.
    • WPX-2429: Fix a bug where the slide toggle and progress bar styles had changed.
    • WPX-2482: Convert DNS zone interface to use dialog, instead of inline form, to add or edit a DNS record.
    • WPX-2529: Improve workflow by sending user back to nameservers dialog when cancelling the 'CDN cancel' action.
    • WPX-2554: Fix a bug with the clone form not closing on first click.
    • WPX-2565: Show loading spinner when CDN data is not available.
    • WPX-2567: Setup CloudFlare pagerules and SSL policy for WordPress.
    • WPX-2569: Update link color for forwarded domains in websites table.
    • WPX-2570: Update link color on 'set privacy options' page to be primary theme color.
    • WPX-2582: Install alt-php-xray package for CloudLinux.
    • WPX-2612: Hide services in WHM Service Manager base on current roles.
    • WPX-2643: Fix 'select themes' interface to display the correct number of steps in new website setup.
    • WPX-2672: Only display a single scheduled backup notification.
    • WPX-2687: Disable submit button when password protection form is invalid.
    • WPX-2701: Disable 'Use Smart PHP Update' button appropriately.
    • WPX-2724: Update pages to WebPros copyright.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases:
    • BC-6660: Update to cpanel-unbound-1.19.1-1.
    • BC-6662: Update to git-2.43.2.
    • CPANEL-40959: Fix missing space in SSL menu item.
    • CPANEL-43826: New upstream release clamav-1.0.5.
    • CPANEL-43873: Fix bug in writing zones when DNS server is set to disabled.
    • RE-156: Ensure that ea_install_profile fails on failing dnf transactions.
    • ZC-11443: Correct installer support for 9 based Jetbackup installs.



released on 2024-02-19

  • Fixed cases:
    • WPX-784: Remove mentions of cPanel from the WHM sidebar.
    • WPX-2171: Add interface for user to enable/disable CDN for website.
    • WPX-2310: Add more links to documentation.
    • WPX-2388: Password toggle bug and misused disable attribute.
    • WPX-2404: Multiple CDN improvements.
    • WPX-2431: Search parameters for WHM Customization.
    • WPX-2462: CDN status button not show modal on integration.
    • WPX-2464: Honor php.ini settings when calling wp-cli.
    • WPX-2483: 2FA disable success toaster bug.
    • WPX-2488: Authorize to disable CDN when token is invalid.
    • WPX-2497: Add notifications to wp2 user on CDN failures.
    • WPX-2532: Fix missing and duplicate toast messages for CDN actions.
    • WPX-2533: Improve notifications experience.
    • WPX-2546: Improve scripts/cpdig for NS requests.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases:
    • CPANEL-40334: Fix exception in the Kernel assessor of the Security Advisor when using non-English locale.
    • CPANEL-43750: Fix file permission issue when loading the Left Menu in cPanel.
    • CPANEL-43793: Slow rollout will only happen for RELEASE tier now.
    • DUCK-9900: Fix create email_account issue as team_user.
    • EA-11917: Make sure PHP-FPM is restarted on PECL and PEAR module install.
    • ZC-11573: Have EA4 API/UI prefer cPanel profiles if they exist.


released on 2024-02-05

  • Implemented case:
    • WPX-2182: Initial cpanel-cdn daemon implementation.
  • Fixed cases:
    • WPX-1221: Update WHM navigation and page overlay colors for WP2.
    • WPX-1398: English is the only supported locale right now.
    • WPX-1418: Update layout so pages can grow taller and scroll.
    • WPX-1888: Create pagination component and add to plugins table.
    • WPX-1979: Hide WHM >> Manage Plugins interface.
    • WPX-1987: Hide WHM >> Theme Manager interface.
    • WPX-2274: Enable and disable CDN now creates and removes the zone.
    • WPX-2301: Update website details' header styles.
    • WPX-2329: restartsrv: add support for simple systemd services.
    • WPX-2333: Install cp-analytics plugin on wp Squared servers.
    • WPX-2343: Fix the styling on the two factor authentication page.
    • WPX-2353: Add role RegularCpanel and apply to various WHM interfaces.
    • WPX-2402: Fix a bug in the website deletion modal where the checkbox was not disabled during deletion.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed case:
    • CPANEL-35830: Provide specific per-domain error messages when there is a failure to insert new records in a DNS zone such as during AutoSSL DNS DCV.
    • CPANEL-43591: Instruct NetworkManager not to overwrite DNS resolver configuration, if needed.
    • CPANEL-43608: Fix display of EasyApache 4 packages in WHM when colorization is forcibly enabled for DNF.



released on 2024-01-22

  • Implemented case
    • WPX-2177: Add initial CloudFlare DNS sync record logic for CDN.
  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1485: Create reusable button component and update buttons in product.
    • WPX-2042: All of the install theme card can be clicked to select it.
    • WPX-2233: Implement API for Cloudflare DNS Records.
    • WPX-2277: Remove extraneous success notification in 'Account Profile' page.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43293: Provide a more helpful error message for connection errors.
    • CPANEL-43637: Fix login template caching bug when maximum licensed users were exceeded on a server.
    • CPANEL-43700: Update cpanel-php81 to 8.1.27-1.cp110.
    • CPANEL-43716: Teach find_outdated_services to ignore the tailwatchd and cpgreylistd services.
    • CPANEL-43732: Add "implements" key for Domains UI in cPanel.


released on 2024-01-09

  • Implemented case
    • WPX-2095: Add initial Cloudflare CDN support to store tokens.
    • WPX-2245: Update WP Squared to Angular 16.
  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1175: Fix a bug with the zone editor table growing too large with long values.
    • WPX-2124: API: implement get_cdn_configuration.
    • WPX-2214: Fix broken clone form interface.
    • WPX-2223: Initial API implementation for managing CDNs.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43278: Allow EA4 WHM interface to work with cPanel EA4 packages on CloudLinux.
    • CPANEL-43308: Revised show/hide rules for Create Support Ticket in WHM.
    • CPANEL-43387: Fixed an issue where sometimes the header menu was not functional in Safari.
    • CPANEL-43597: Create /etc/localtime if it doesn't exist when determining timezone.
    • CPANEL-43706: Update cpanel-exim to 4.96.2-2.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43718: Update cpanel-perl-536-spreadsheet-parseexcel to 0.66-1.cp108.
    • EK-47: Add a feature showcase for the Let's Encrypt changes.



released on 2023-12-18

  • Now tracking cPanel 120 builds.
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-1928: Implement Smart PHP Update functionality to allow user to run diagnostics on site before changing PHP version.
  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1338: Fix multiple bugs in the terminal interface
      • fix the interface freezing when a . character was input * fix terminal resizing
      • fix display to match 'card style'.
    • WPX-1994: Changed cPanel menu to WP Squared.
    • WPX-2071: Update WP2 survey link.
    • WPX-2085: Fix PHP warnings from back2wp plugin.
    • WPX-2144: Clean user cache on quota updates.
    • WPX-2151: Fix smart php table toggle arrows to point in correct direction.
    • WPX-2152: Add icon indicating test failures in smart php table.
    • WPX-2153: Indicate current and test versions of php in smart php table.
    • WPX-2158: Update wp-toolkit package to version 6.3.0-7809.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • BOO-2730: Add support for the cPanel Jupiter left menu to be extended by plugins.
    • BOO-2911: Remove the disabling feature flag for site quality monitoring install.
    • BOO-2911: New locale strings for Site Quality Monitoring plugin.
    • CPANEL-41154: update-packages will now contact if there was a failure during the update.
    • CPANEL-43277: Fix an issue where restoring Greylisting settings could sometimes result in an error.
    • CPANEL-43377: Avoid prompt from STDIN when converting to CloudLinux.
    • CPANEL-43452: Ensure consistent rlimit value between UI and CLI during upcp.
    • CPANEL-43573: Update cpanel-php8 to 8.1.26-1.cp110.
    • CPANEL-43579: Update cpanel-phppgadmin to 7.13.0-2.cp110.
    • CPANEL-43596: Fixed disk space tests for installation and upgrades on CloudLinux.
    • CPANEL-43605: Remove incorrect message about backups being disabled on the cPanel Backup page when legacy backups are enabled for that account.
    • CPANEL-43606: Fix bug where webmaillogout.cgi was considered a valid goto_uri after logging out of webmail (leading to a login-logout loop).
    • CPANEL-43609: Revert "Domain restoration failure when a primary domain is parked under a subdomain".
    • CPANEL-43612: Revert "Enable fs.proc_can_see_other_uid on CloudLinux".
    • CPANEL-43625: Update cpanel-geoipfree-data to 120.0-1.cp120.
    • CPANEL-43631: Ignore cPanel services reported in needs-restarting checks.
    • DUCK-8092: Adjust counting of team users if they have roles or not.
    • DUCK-9418: Add cPanel Promotions Banner.
    • EK-45: Set the AutoSSL provider to Let's Encrypt on updates to 118.
    • EK-46: Add a deprecation warning to the AutoSSL UI for the Sectigo provider.
    • EK-58: Update the current provider headings on the AutoSSL UI.
    • EK-70: Install the Let's Encrypt plugin before running checkallsslcerts during initial setup.
    • MOON-1855: Tidy Canary app in WHM and cPanel.
    • ZC-11329: Allow for Python 3 variants.


released on 2023-12-05

  • Implemented case
    • WPX-1196: Notifications center - Failed backup.
  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1995: Fixed link to WP Squared changelog.
    • WPX-2056: Fix notifications updates by UID.
    • WPX-2061: Remove scripts/wwwacct2 in wp.
    • WPX-2072: Plugins table UI Error.
    • WPX-2081: Check quota when adding new site.
    • WPX-2084: Improve error message formatting on the clone website form.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Security Fix
    • SEC-680: Update cpanel-perl-536 to 5.36.0-4.cp108.
  • Fixed cases
    • BOO-2517: Import 2024 MySQL repo signing key.
    • CPANEL-39270: Add a News link to the WHM footer.
    • CPANEL-43530: cp-analytics package is now reinstalled via upcp and will no longer break some UI's.
    • CPANEL-43549: Fixed the "Domain" dropdown for the "Install an SSL Website" section of the "Manage SSL Hosts" page.
    • EK-24: Convert checkallsslcerts to use Let's Encrypt for hostname certificates.



released on 2023-11-28

  • Implemented case
    • WPX-987: Change PHP Versions for WP Users.
  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1839: Improve Backup error messages.
    • WPX-1960: UI more accurately reflects the state of a plugin after simultaneous changes are made.
    • WPX-1961: Do not remove installed themes when activating a theme.
    • WPX-2039: Fix missing spinner image.
    • WPX-2045: Improvements to the notifications backend.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-42451: Removed bind reloading messages.
    • CPANEL-42712: Allow WHM graceful reboot interface to detect a completed reboot.
    • CPANEL-43037: Simplified the user interaction for restarting services.
    • CPANEL-43175: Fixed formatting between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on the Dynamic DNS interface.
    • CPANEL-43496: Update cpanel-git to 2.42.0-1.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43503: During initial sign up, download links are provided in the event the browser does not support embedded documents.
    • CPANEL-43524: Fix goto_url/goto_app caching bug in login templates.
    • CPANEL-43556: list_redirects by destination.


released on 2023-11-14

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1249: Add EA4 profiles for php 7.4 & 8.2.
    • WPX-1759: Refactor WP2 frontend into multi-app/library architecture.
    • WPX-1826: Provide APIs for PHP Smart Updates and to monitor tasks.
    • WPX-1865: Remove other themes when enabling a theme.
    • WPX-1867: Fixup backup restore.
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-994: Setup AccelerateWP.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Security Fix
    • TSR-2023-0004
  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43475: Fixed uninitialized value warnings in cPanel error_log when accessing inappropriately named documents.
    • CPANEL-43483: Quit autofilling username in login.tmpl when no relative path.
    • CPANEL-43487: Update cpanel-php81 to 8.1.25-1.cp110.
    • CPANEL-43493: Update cpanel-ckeditor to 4.22.1-1.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43499: Update cpanel-sqlite to 3.44.0-1.cp108.
    • PH-20388: Update EULA and privacy policy for WHM and cPanel.
    • ZC-11344: Repair named.conf when using newer versions of BIND.



released on 2023-10-30

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1785: Update the styles of the Clone Website Dialog.
    • WPX-1803: Ignore version higher than expected.
    • WPX-1815: Fix core update issue.
    • WPX-1821: Advertise the error when wptk fails

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed case
    • CPANEL-40343: Enable chunking for apt based Cpanel::PackMan commands.


released on 2023-10-23

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1420: Improve installation speed.
    • WPX-1457: Update the website details tab styles.
    • WPX-1489: Page layout fixes.
    • WPX-1769: Fix backup restore after changing PHP version.
    • WPX-1804: Fix progress bar when creating website.
    • WPX-1806: Add optional vhost to LangPHP::php_get_vhost_versions API.


released on 2023-10-18

  • Fixed cases
    • PH-20181: Additional theme colors are now available in WP2.
    • PH-20333: Fixes feedback survey links.
    • WPX-986: Add a button to clear the NGINX cache.
    • WPX-1262: Add MAXW2SITES limiter for WP2 account and packages.
    • WPX-1527: Implement two-factor authentication and update each accordion in the 'Account Profile' view to have its own button for user interaction.
    • WPX-1673: Update title/tagline now updates the UI when it happens.
    • WPX-1763: Teach post_api hooks success/failure messages.
    • WPX-1774: Refresh wp-toolkit-cpanel to dev version 6.3.0-7657.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Security Fixes
    • CPANEL-43374: Update cpanel-exim to 4.96.1-1.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43422: Update cpanel-exim to 4.96.2-1.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43378: Update cpanel-libspf2 to 1.2.11-2.cp108.
  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-40221: Automatically prefix http:// protocol to URLs set in WHM >> Customization >> Public Contact when it is not present.
    • CPANEL-42395: Participate_in_analytics API call returns 0 and error message incorrectly.
    • CPANEL-42459: Changed to check that subdomain has proper main domain.
    • CPANEL-43066: Updated domain-management link on SSL/TLS page.
    • CPANEL-43157: Fixed issue occurring when adding IP's to cPhulk via URL.
    • CPANEL-43280: Fix bug in "Max Users Exceeded" message on login page introduced with login page performance improvements.
    • CPANEL-43345: Expire WHM sessions for root when using passwd to change the password for root.
    • CPANEL-43373: Added parameter validation to the cPanel API 1 function Fileman::fmrename.
    • CPANEL-43392: Added parameter validation to the cPanel API 1 function Fileman::delfile.
    • CPANEL-43403: Make link for collapsing Cron Email section more link like in cPanel >> Cron Jobs.
    • CPANEL-43426: Update CloudLinux logo in WHM.
    • DOC-19774: Updated the examples in the OpenAPI documentation for the WHM API accountsummary function.



released on 2023-09-29

  • Fixed cases
    • PH-20261: Allow customizing the appearance of WP Squared interface. Fix some regression issues in the custom material theme system of the WP Squared interface.
    • WPX-1439: Websites table filter includes forwards.
    • WPX-1508: Update WP dialog with backup.
    • WPX-1586: Supress sudomain DNS error messages.
    • WPX-1696: Loading screen for wp admin login.
    • WPX-1712: Duplicate action names.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43304: Remove the cpanalyticsd service.
    • CPANEL-43348: Allow “root” and “shadow” group ownership on Ubuntu systems.


released on 2023-09-25

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1593: Mass delete backups refetch on completion.
    • WPX-1672: Infinite spinner on Advanced tab.
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-740: Improve domain management backends for redirects and domains.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-40343: Changed to better handle Proc::FastSpawn errors.
    • CPANEL-43233: Have the 'Create a New Account' interface show the correct error in the event that the server does not have any nameservers configured.
    • CPANEL-43258: Update cpanel-geoipfree-data to 118.0-1.cp118.
    • CPANEL-43261: Fix overwrite DNS malfunction when creating a new account.
    • CPANEL-43273: Rotate modsec_debug.log by default.
    • CPANEL-43302: Teach ensure_hostname_resolves about localhost.
    • CPANEL-43329: Ensure locale-maketext-utils is installed on binaries.
    • DOC-19680: Updated the OpenAPI documentation for the whmapi function get_service_config.
    • EA-11577: Update EA4 help links.
    • MM-471: Enable log rotation for cpbackup_transport_history by default.
    • WPX-1262: Remove legacy Locale::Maketext::Utils::MarkPhrase.


released on 2023-09-18

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1558: Provide an API to Mysql called setup_db_and_user for 3rdparty DB setup.
    • WPX-1585: Allow each instance of WP-Admin to open in separate browser tab.
    • PH-20207: Ask end-user for analytics consent during the onboarding process.
    • PH-20315: Hide analytics during onboarding if it is disabled in WHM.
    • WPX-988: Provide a way to reset the wp_squared user password in the interface.
    • WPX-1517: Reduce warnings from UserTasks.
    • WPX-1550: Fix back2wp plugin for passwordless login.
    • WPX-1587: Hide must-use plugins from plugin interface by default.
    • WPX-1587: Fix no results fetch button the plugins page to actually refetch.
    • WPX-1626: Keep up to date the wp_squared mu-plugin.
    • WPX-1627: Fix: OnBoarding experience leads to a blank dashboard
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-740: Initial support for domain redirects.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-42600: Fix bug in Cpanel/ when the selected logdir to use is a relative path that does not exist.
    • CPANEL-42994: Remove primary domain from sub domain when using CPAPI2.
    • CPANEL-43070: Update cpanel-exim to 4.96-9.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43232: Fix ordering of ban rule addition in Cpanel::NFTables::TempBan.
    • CPANEL-42463: Don't disable custom RBLs when saving basic exim config.
    • CPANEL-42833: Remove cpanalyticsd as a service managed by cPanel/WHM.
    • CPANEL-43215: Fix bug in grant support access and token denied pages.
    • CPANEL-43251: Fixed issue where the Initial Setup Wizard may appear blank.
    • CPANEL-43270: Add hook points for Domain::addsubdomain and Domain::delsubdomain.
    • CPANEL-43287: Improve logging around EA4 repository addition during installation.


released on 2023-09-05

  • Fixed cases
    • PH-20256: WP Squared users must be able to set consent and privacy settings via Account Profiles page.
    • WPX-1351: Passwordless WP Admin login.
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-739: Implement scheduled backups in website details 'Backups' tab.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed case
    • CPANEL-43160: Fix bug where duplicate rules were added to cphulk chain.



released on 2023-08-25

  • Now tracking cPanel 116 builds.
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-1194 - Initial basic implementation of Backups Tab
  • Fixed cases
    • PH-20024: Add logo customization and custom help link.
    • PH-20031: update customization page for WHM.
    • PH-20113: Remove unsupported features from WP Squared FM.
    • WPX-1100: Add role to feature showcase drivers.
    • WPX-1136: Direct users to website details after first site creation.
    • WPX-1231: Update mojolicious to release 9.26-4.cp108.
    • WPX-1444: Remove dead WordPressSite API.
    • WPX-1468: Bug fix: Update truthy check to avoid console errors.
    • WPX-1475: Improve the task system to use multiple threads.
    • WPX-1490: Disable next button when waiting for WP to install.
    • WPX-1515: Fix adding a domain using CamelCase.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-38056: Optimize login template page load.
    • CPANEL-42145: Honor existence of /etc/nameddisable when PowerDNS is the active nameserver.
    • CPANEL-42708: Fix erroneous assumption of domain redirection based on RewriteMatch directives in .htaccess.
    • CPANEL-42860: Remove the "WHM >> Skeleton Directory" page in favor of simply documenting the functioning of cpanel3-skel dirs for resellers.
    • CPANEL-42912: Update cpanel-geoipfree-data to 116.0-1.cp116.
    • CPANEL-43003: Make configurable the default state of the "Share document root" box on the "Create a New Domain" page in cPanel.
    • CPANEL-43049: WP Toolkit renaming.
    • CPANEL-43083: Fix bug in Cpanel::CommentKiller which caused a failure to parse named.conf in certain circumstances.
    • CPANEL-43083: Fix bug in named.conf parsing logic where fetchzones would always return nothing due to a caching layer bug.
    • CPANEL-43091: Bump angular-ng packages version in rpm.versions.
    • CPANEL-43116: Fix duplicate chain rule addition in cPHulk related firewall code.
    • CPANEL-43120: Disable the CloudLinux “virtualized /proc filesystem” feature, which breaks cPanel file locking.
    • CPANEL-43124: Fix JSON parsing error when handling nftables output.
    • CPANEL-43138: Remove duplicated cache-control headers on login pages.
    • CPANEL-43192: Remove obsolete bin/wpt_license check.
    • CPANEL-43197: Fix issue in refactor of
    • ZC-11033: Add additional-pkg-prefix support for EA4 CLI/API.


released on 2023-08-22

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1328: Improve the task system to use multiple threads.
    • WPX-1432: Fix timeout issue when setting super cache plugin.
    • WPX-1492: Update CL8 nginx to devel version to fix bug.
  • Implemented case
    • WPX-1193: Pin wp-toolkit-cpanel RPM with rpm.versions.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43051: Update userdomains after adding A record for hostname.
    • CPANEL-43145: Fix undef error when fetching blank ruleset from firewall.
    • CPANEL-43192: Stop running wpt_license in taskrun.
    • CPANEL-43195: Fix failure to add AAAA records to accounts via WHM.
    • UPS-610: Update cpanel-geoipfree-data to 114.0-2.cp114.


released on 2023-08-14

  • Implemented case
    • WPX-1096: Add SSL certificate info to website 'Advanced' tab.
  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43140: Update the name of WP Toolkit to show correctly in WHM Marketplace.
    • PH-20162: Add the ability to apply different material theme to the WP2 interface and see the colors change accordingly.
    • WPX-1158: Do not setup cpanel sub domain.
    • WPX-1366: Fix setting theme on first time experience.
    • WPX-1388: Fix broken filtering when setting theme for new website.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-41423: Fixed bug in EasyApache 4 when the system locale is not set to US English.
    • CPANEL-42225: Update cpanel-perl-536 to 5.36.0-3.cp108.
    • CPANEL-42991: Added a missing stylesheet for notifications.
    • CPANEL-43025: Disallow Apache configuration directives in value of WHM > Tweak Settings > Allow server-info and server-status.
    • CPANEL-43050: Fix /scripts/updateuserdomains to add the hostname to the /etc/localdomains file it is not already present in the file.
    • CPANEL-43052: Ensure that the $HOME/.lastlogin get the proper timestamp update even when logging in from the same host.
    • CPANEL-43085: Ensure Dynamic DNS domains are all lowercase characters only.


released on 2023-08-07

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1100: Do not show unrelated feature showcase entries on WP2.
    • WPX-1347: Disable php deprecated messages from wp-cli.
    • WPX-1334: Do not install roundcube and mailman on WP2.
    • WPX-1320: Update logo alt text to appropriate string.



released on 2023-07-31

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-42960: Fixed sizing of custom logos.
    • WPX-1291: Avoid duplicate 'Error:' strings on display.
    • WPX-1322: Enable UserSSL role.
    • WPX-1326: Clear the super-cache plugin on restore.
    • WPX-1331: Bug fix when provisioning a theme during a fresh install.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • ZC-11029: Ensure USER_ID is set in all vhosts when it is enabled.
    • CPANEL-43090: Ensure get_pop_quota returns correct quota when called via CLI.
    • CPANEL-43106: Convert forwarding domains to lowercase when saving in WHM > Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding.


released on 2023-07-24

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-43049: WP Toolkit renaming.
    • PH-20031: update customization page for WHM.
    • PH-20031: Hide unsupported tabs in WHM Customization interface.
    • PH-20113: Remove unsupported features from WP Squared FileManager.
    • WPX-806: Run bin/cloudlinux_update as part of fresh install.
    • WPX-1117: Access to phpMyAdmin can be controlled by Feature Manager.
    • WPX-1168: Install the back to wp2 plugin as must use.
    • WPX-1241: Use the apache designated php to run WP CLI commands.
  • Implemented cases
    • WPX-736: Add a terminal interface for a WP Squared user.
    • WPX-1110: Add bin/wpbackup to crontab to handle scheduled backups.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-42398: Convert domain for DynamicDNS to lowercase before creating DNS record.
    • CPANEL-42759: Update cpanel-dnspython to 1.12.0-4.cp108.
    • CPANEL-43021: Fix logging of warnings/info as errors during install.


released on 2023-07-17

  • Fixed cases
    • PH-20024: Show custom logo & help link in WP Squared UI.
    • PH-20024: Add logo customization and custom help link.
    • WPX-848: Update the page loading spinner.
    • WPX-1063: Refactor DNS record form.
    • WPX-1201: Only setup the default themes set once.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-42478: Updating validation logic to detect saved link values.
    • CPANEL-42984: Check for existence of the logo during plugin installation.
    • CPANEL-43029: Fixed styling on dropdown “Action” button in cPanel’s Dynamic DNS.


released on 2023-07-10

  • Fixed cases
    • PH-20099: Implement File Manager in WP Squared.
    • WPX-844: Disable cPanel backups from WHM.
    • WPX-981: Preserve tags while cloning instance.
    • WPX-1125: Update Zone Editor interface to respect feature restrictions.
    • WPX-1142: Clear super-cache cache on theme update.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • BOO-2592: update SQL recommendations UI to reflect new property names.
    • CPANEL-42944: Avoid excessive requests to the cPanel Store’s Paid SSL product list endpoint under some circumstances.
    • CPANEL-42963: Addressed errors on WHM’s Create a New Account interface.
    • CPANEL-42963: Addressed errors on WHM’s Create a New Account interface.
    • CPANEL-42977: Disallow setting the system IPv4 address for shared hosts to a multicast IP address.
    • CPANEL-43016: Update cpanel-php81 to 8.1.16-3.cp110.



released on 2023-06-23

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-1055 Add tooltip to maintenance mode countdown section.
    • WPX-1057: Move _setup_social_networks to WPTK install.
    • WPX-955: Maintenance Mode modal cutoff.
    • WPX-951: Update button visual bug.
    • WPX-1076: Plugin toggle bug.
    • WPX-977: Traffic graph not showing last day selection.
  • Implemented cases
    • WPX-609: Implement a DNS zone editor interface.
    • WPX-738: Tools and database to store and PHPMyAdmin.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • CPANEL-42877: Add task to snapshot prep scripts to enable/disable php-fpm for new accounts.
    • CPANEL-42968: Return invalid_username response when team user doesn’t exist.
    • CPANEL-42973: Ensure correct home directory is used for team users in cPanel.
    • DOC-19458: Fixed the WHM OpenAPI document for set_cphulk_config_key.


released on 2023-06-20

  • Fixed cases
    • WPX-748: Add WP2 product survey links to get end users’ feedback.
    • WPX-829: Maintenance mode form countdown inputs can’t be adjusted below zero.
    • WPX-965: Create pipe to handle strings with special characters.
    • WPX-965: Main domain can’t be deleted.
    • WPX-965: Remove blockpress as a default theme.
    • WPX-965: Fixed a bug with the websites list loading at bad times.
  • Implemented cases
    • WPX-609: Update database info display to be an accordion.

cPanel inherited changes

  • Fixed cases
    • COBRA-14121: Default to the Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL provider on new installs.
    • CPANEL-40842: Teach cPHulkd about the cron TTY.
    • CPANEL-42403: Updated the description and parameter requirements for the Edit Subaccount Settings API docs.
    • CPANEL-42596: Changed to use CJT2 validator.
    • CPANEL-42876: Don’t install cpanel-monitoring packages during upcp.
    • CPANEL-42943: Ensure cPanel can update from 102 to 110 or report the correct error if it fails due to a child node needing an update.
    • MOON-1217: Refactor autoupdate settings interface for improved UX and scalability.


First BETA release to on 2023-06-10