WP Squared Changelog



released on 2024-06-13

  • Fixed Case(s):
  • WPX-2508: Add support for CDN mode controlled by host.
  • WPX-2863: Setup CageFS configuration for cPanel when cagefs is enabled.
  • WPX-3331: Add ability to select a custom WPToolkit set when creating one account.
  • WPX-3455: Enable the MailRelay role for WP2.
  • WPX-3456: Correct behavior when adding, modifying, and removing redirects.
  • WPX-3555: Update wp-toolkit-cpanel to version 6.4.0-8445.
  • WPX-3583: Fix issue where usage of a wildcard SSL certificate caused the advanced website details view to hang.
  • WPX-3598: Fix broken anchor component that was always trying to download given URI, instead of navigating.
  • WPX-3617: Fix button misalignment for Account Profile >> Reset Password.
  • Implemented Case(s):
  • WPX-82: Additional changes to localizable phrases in preparation for translation.
  • WPX-3009: Add interface for WP2 user to view a list of logs where they can download or delete the log.
  • WPX-3339: Add a notification to the website details page when the WordPress version is not up-to-date.
  • Fixed Case(s):
  • CPANEL-44152,CPANEL-44152: Force SQLite Roundcube conversion on MySQL 5.6 or Maria 10.0.
  • CPANEL-44216: Remove default public grants on MariaDB 10.11.
  • PH-20736: Add Mixpanel tracking to WHM Next Steps and Favorites.
  • PH-20737: Add proper prefix to Retently data properties.
  • PH-20741: Add "WHM" prefix to "Important-Next-Steps-Nav-Link" events.
  • RE-351: Update Terms/Policy for ELS.



released on 2024-05-29

  • Fixed Cases:
    • WPX-1047: Remove some artifacts on failed site clone or creation.
    • WPX-1494: Update maintenance mode dialog to match WP2 styles.
    • WPX-3041: Add the Akismet plugin to the Default WP Set, and uninstall it during instance setup if it no longer exists in the default set.
    • WPX-3079: Remove LiteSpeed banners from WHM
    • WPX-3214: Check CloudLinux kernel to request reboot
    • WPX-3393: Change Back2WP wording for wp-admin plugin.
    • WPX-3504: Update wp-toolkit-cpanel to version 6.4.0-8410.
  • Fixed Cases:
    • CPANEL-44045: Fix incorrect content for cpsess0/scripts/authorizesupport page.
    • CPANEL-44139: Fix bug where postgres got uninstalled automatically as a dependency of CCS even if other things relied on it.
    • CPANEL-44144: Fix template for SRV records when transferring accounts.
    • CPANEL-44164: Add dbus-broker to the ignore list for find_outdated_services.
    • HB-7561: Add support for ARC signing in Exim.
    • HB-7603: Clean up error logging for some situations in cPDAV.
    • MM-550: Assure CloudLinux conversion runs isolated for other installs.
    • MOON-1936: Refactor Canary app for maintainability.
    • MOON-1938: Refactor WHM Canary application.
    • MOON-1942: Update table button styles.
    • MOON-1943: Changes to integrate paginator with cp-table.
    • PH-20726: Decrease the complexity of the cPanel & WHM Mixpanel instrumentation distribution strategy.
    • PH-20732: Add account age attribute to Retently embed meta data.
    • PH-20735: Emit analyticsInstanceLoaded event when mixpanel instance is initialized.
    • RE-314: Switch to cpanel-php83 for use in whm and cpanel interfaces.
    • ZC-11723: Remove tomcat 8.5 (EOL) API/UI.


released on 2024-05-13

  • Implemented Cases:

    • WPX-3063: Add support for Extendify.
    • WPX-2382: Add a NPS survey for customer feedback.
    • WPX-2804: Update onboarind images and refactor pages to matching WP2 styles.
    • WPX-3103: Support for Bring Your Own License (aka BYOL) with WP2.
  • Fixed Cases:

    • WPX-2374: Handle CDNs during transfer and restore.
    • WPX-3118: Move the MySQL Governor setup to run before first reboot during fresh WP2 installation.
    • WPX-3139: Ensure that verify_api_spec_files runs after plugin installations are finished on fresh installs.
    • WPX-3143: Color customization is complete on all elements.
    • WPX-3229: Skip WordPress installation in account creation during restores.
    • WPX-3234: Only load the Analytics template plugin when the cpanel-analytics pkg is installed.
    • WPX-3258: The createacct API now properly applies package extension values.
    • WPX-3308: Fix console error bug.
    • WPX-3328: Resolve some WP2-related package installation failures by avoiding RPM lock contention.
    • WPX-3345: Fix broken login page on session timeout.
  • Fixed Cases:
    • BOO-3058: MariaDB 10.11 is now the default installed database on fresh installs.
    • CPANEL-42459: Fixed subdomain restoration when the primary domain is parked under a subdomain.
    • CPANEL-44057: Teach AutoSSL to automatically replace certs issued by the deprecated cPanel/Sectigo AutoSSL provider without requiring an override.
    • CPANEL-44088: Update cpanel-php81 to 8.1.28-1.cp110.
    • CPANEL-44144: Fix template for SRV records when transferring accounts.
    • DUCK-10018: Add support for plugins to provide localized strings to the product.
    • DUCK-10462: Fix some of component framework bugs.
    • MOON-1924: Bump angular-ng packages version in rpm.versions.
    • MOON-1929: Removing cpanel-cloud and routing from WHM.
    • MOON-1930: Remove experimental accounts manger from product.
    • MOON-1931: Removed connected-applications interface from WHM.
    • MOON-1932: Add an empty row to the table component.
    • MOON-1934: Changes to integrate search with the cp-table.
    • MOON-1935: Updated canary app to show primary button on table.
    • PH-20722: Embed Retently in-app script in WHM home page when the root and/or resellers have given analytics consent.
    • RE-307: Upgrade PuTTY to 0.81.
    • WPX-3212: Improve Let's Encrypt plugin installation and registration.
    • WPX-3253: Reduce the time it takes to run the snapshot_prep MySQL task.
    • ZC-11642: Prevent installer failure by ignoring some errors when setting system options which are not supported on Virtuozzo.
    • ZC-11705: Update cpanel-pdns to 4.9.0-1.cp122.
    • ZC-11746: Correct issue with transfer tool and modsecurity configs.



released on 2024-04-15

  • Implemented Cases:

    • WPX-720: Disable 'analog' and 'webalizer' webstats.
    • WPX-2555: Update the UI with an improved CDN workflow.
    • WPX-2618: Use EasyApache profiles from CloudLinux.
    • WPX-2828: Update WHM's initial loading pages so that animation reflect correct product type the user has provisioned.
    • WPX-2964: Enable CageFS on WP2 servers.
    • WPX-2993: Always show File Manager icons if feature is available.
    • WPX-3024: Update wp-toolkit-cpanel to build 6.3.0-8176 (CageFS improvements).
    • WPX-3066: Update the onboarding theme cards to be in line with the overall visual look.
    • WPX-3103: Initial support for Bring Your Own License (aka BYOL) with WP2 (need updated installer).
  • Fixed Cases:

    • WPX-869: Fix content jump on the plugins table when activiating and deactivating a plugin.
    • WPX-1246: Fix bugs on how plugins display with all metadata is not present.
    • WPX-2686: Fix the background color to be correct regardless of screen size.
    • WPX-2705: Prevent restores of accounts that were packaged on newer systems.
    • WPX-2786: Fix situation where user clicks on button to open maintenance mode form and a tab opens the maintenance mode site as well.
    • WPX-2925: Fix warnings related to email and live transfer for WP2.
    • WPX-2971: Fix 'back' button alignment for Smart PHP interface.
    • WPX-3127: Fix an issue when creating account and lvephpsel feature is mising.
  • Fixed Cases:
    • BC-6610: Update to exim 4.97.1.
    • CPANEL-42129: Remove deprecated scripts/check_cpanel_rpms replaced by scripts/check_cpanel_pkgs.
    • CPANEL-43653: Adjust plugin download temporary directory permissions to allow apt to successfully download as a non-root user.
    • CPANEL-43922: Do not block upgrades to 118 if the openssl rpm is not installed.
    • CPANEL-43964: Teach find_outdated_services to ignore CL spacewalk errors.
    • CPANEL-43966: Fix bug in conditional processing for Webmail's sitemap.json.
    • CPANEL-44058: Fix bug in elfinder_connector.cgi when API call logging is enabled.
    • DUCK-10195: Add component injection points to cPanel, Webmail and WHM.
    • DUCK-10303: Add mixpanel tracking to feature showcase action items.
    • EK-172: Improve Let's Encrypt plugin installation and registration.
    • HB-7493: Fix cpapi2 Email has_delegated_mailman_lists.
    • HB-7537: Fix minor bug in CPDAVD functions for UAPI.
    • QDP-2581: Correct issues in Apt and Yum access.
    • WPX-2960: Update cpanel-geoipfree-data to 122.0-1.cp122.
    • WPX-3001: Add the server's current version to pkgacct archives.
    • ZC-11574: Allow cPanel and CloudLinux EA4 profiles to coexist.
    • ZC-11669: Performance improvement for package listing on apt systems.
    • ZC-11700: Correct problem where transfer is removing modsec vendors.



released on 2024-03-27

  • Fixed cases:
    • WPX-2996: Fix setup_mysql_governor logic for MariaDB1011


released on 2024-03-18

This is the first release of WordPress Squared. That version contains all the change from the previous 119.8999.67 beta release.

You can know more about previous beta releases.