Getting Started With WP Squared

WP Squared is a new product from WebPros that simplifies the WordPress® experience and allows even the most novice user to easily create a website. This document will walk through installing WP Squared and setting up your first WordPress website.

Install WP Squared

To use WP Squared, you will need to install it on your server. If you have problems with installation, contact your hosting provider.

System requirements

Before you begin to install WP Squared, verify that your server meets the hardware and license requirements.

Hardware requirements

Supported operating system and versionRAMDisk spaceArchitecture
AlmaLinux OS 8
  • Minimum: 2 GB
  • Recommended: 4 GB
  • Minimum: 20 GB
  • Recommended: 40 GB
AlmaLinux should be used to start installation. The installation script will convert AlmaLinux to CloudLinux 8 Pro.

License requirements

Obtain a WP Squared license from your hosting provider.

Your license is tied to your IP address, so make sure that you provide a valid, public IP address to your hosting provider or Customer Service.


To install WP Squared, run the following commands, as the root user:

1  wget
2  bash latest-wp2

The server will download and install the latest version of WP Squared. After installation, if your kernel has been updated, the server will automatically reboot to ensure that the correct kernel is running for WP Squared.

If you wish to disable the automatic reboot, you can do so by using --no-reboot or adding a touch file to the installation with the following command:

1touch /etc/no-reboot-touch-file

Skip licensing checks

During installation, the system verifies your license. You can skip the license check by using --skip-license-check while running the installation script.

This will allow the installation of WP Squared now and provisioning to happen at a later time.

Set a custom tier

A tier determines the product version for your installation of WP Squared. You can set an alternate tier before the installation is performed to one of the supported tiers: RELEASE and EDGE. The RELEASE tier is the default for new installations.

RELEASE (Recommended)The RELEASE tier is the most stable build and is recommended for your production servers. It contains all intended features and functionality and public documentation. New installations default to this tier.
EDGEThe EDGE tier is a developmental build and should not be used on production servers. This version may not have all features or public documentation.
EDGE should only be used for testing in a controlled environment.

You can change your tier before you run the installation. The file will only be created if it does not exist. To change your installation tier run the following command prior to installation:

1[ !-e /etc/cpupdate.conf ] && echo 'CPANEL=edge' > /etc/cpupdate.conf

Create a WP Squared account

  1. Log in to WHM as the root user. You can get the WHM URL by typing whmlogin in your terminal window. Copy and paste the URL provided in your browser.

  2. Navigate to the Create an Account interface and provide the needed information for creating a new account. Click Create once you have provided the required information.

  3. Click the Go To WP Squared button in the top right corner once the account is created to immediately go into the WP Squared website setup. You can also click on the WP Squared icon () in WHM’s List Accounts interface to launch WP Squared.

The first time you launch WP Squared, the wizard will walk you through setting up your first website.