Getting Started With WP Squared

WP Squared is a new product from WebPros that simplifies the WordPress experience and allows even the most novice user to easily create a website. This document will walk through installing WP Squared and setting up your first WordPress website.

Install WP Squared

Before you activate WP Squared, make sure you have met the following requirements:

  • A beta license from cPanel Customer Service

  • A server with CloudLinux 8 OS.

Once you have the requirements met, run the following commands to install a cPanel & WHM Next Build:

1  wget
2  bash

Create a WHM Account

  1. Log in to cPanel & WHM as therootuser.

  2. Navigate to the Create an Account interface and provide the needed information for creating a new account. The theme will be pre-selected towpsquaredfor this account.

  3. Click the Go To WP Squared button in the top right corner once the account is created to immediately go into the WP Squared website setup. You can also click on the WP Squared icon in WHM’s List Accounts interface to launch WP Squared.

The first time you launch WP Squared, the wizard will walk you through setting up your first website.