Things to Know for Beta


Built on top of cPanel & WHM, and WP Toolkit, there are some differences that we think will be helpful to know as you use WP Squared. These items are likely to change or improve as we continue to develop WP Squared.

Default theme sets

When you create a website, you choose a theme for the site to use. As a reseller, you can set the default themes shown to the website user.

To select the default theme set, log in to WHM and navigate to the WP Toolkit interface (Home/Plugins/WP Toolkit). You can create or modify theme or plugin sets for WordPress® installations on the Sets tab. The Default Themes set determines the themes shown during website creation in WP Squared.

MAXADDON API differences

In cPanel & WHM, several variables affect the number of domains a user account owns that are controlled by the APIs MAXADDON (max number of addon domains) and MAXSUB (max number of subdomains). In WP Squared, MAXADDON controls the number of WordPress instances allowed for a user. The value set for MAXADDON can be any value from 1 to unlimited, as noted below:

  • Entering 1 allows a single WordPress instance. (The main domain only.)
  • Entering 2 allows two WordPress instances. (The main domain and one subdomain or addon domain.)
  • Entering unlimited means no limit is set on the number of WordPress instances created for the user.

Note: The default value of MAXSUB is unlimited and should not be changed.