Content Delivery Network


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses servers in various locations to provide online content from the closest server to the website consumer, making websites load faster. You must configure the CDN provider before you can enable the service for your website. Currently, the only available CDN is Cloudflare.

Configure CDN provider

A CDN provider must be configured before you can enable the service for your website. You can configure the CDN provider in the Settings tab in the Extended Website View interface. You must have a valid account with your CDN provider to configure your account.

To configure your CDN, toggle the Enable a CDN switch in the Tools box. To complete configuration, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose the CDN provider you would like to use. Currently, only Cloudflare is available.
  2. Add the email address for your account with the CDN provider.
  3. Add either the Global API Key or API Token created for you by the CDN provider.
  4. Provide a description for the API Key. This should be a reminder of the key’s purpose.
  5. Click the Submit button.

Creating your API key

The process to create your API key will vary depending on the CDN provider. An API key or token is an authentication method used when calling services via an API function. Authorizing with an API Key can provide more security to your account. You can provide a Global API Key or a custom API key token:

  • A Global API key can be used across many projects and requires account validation with the CDN provider. This is the recommended authentication method.
  • A custom API token is created for one specific project, with specific permissions and typically doesn’t require additional validation.

Providing a Global API key

To use a Global API key, you will need to provide several pieces of information:

  • Global API Key - The key from your provider. Cloudflare provides documentation on the location of your Global API Key.
  • Your email address.

WP Squared does not store your Global API Key. The Global API Key is used to generate a token on your behalf to synchronize DNS records.

Providing an API key token

While not the recommended method, you can provide an API Key Token. To work properly, the key will need several permissions set correctly. If you provide the API Key Token, the following permissions are needed:

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