How do I create a website?


Creating a website in WP Squared is simple! The purpose of this document is to walk you through creating a website in from the Website Dashboard.

Your first website

When you first log in to WP Squared, you walk through a setup wizard to create your first website using the information below.

Creating a website

After your first site is created, you are transferred to the Website Dashboard. Websites that you own show on this interface.

To create a website, click the Create New Site button in the top right corner of the Website Dashboard. You will be asked to provide a registered domain name for your new site.


If the domain name was recently purchased, it might not resolve. A new domain can take up to 48 hours to work properly.

You are also required to provide the following information for website setup:

  • Website Name: This is not the domain name but rather what you would like the site to be named. For example, Customer Flower Shop.
  • A Tagline: This is a cute, fun descriptor for your website. For example, Gorgeous Flowers, low price!
  • Theme: Initially, default themes are available for use. You can search for other themes and filter by the latest, most popular, or highest-rated themes. You can preview each of these before selecting and activating.

After you provide the necessary information, click Finish Setup. You will be shown a progress bar during the setup. It can take some time for setup to complete.