WP Squared Release Notes

Release Highlights

Welcome to the newest product offering from Webpros, WP Squared. WP Squared features one-stop WordPress® management built on top of the powerful cPanel & WHM server, providing you with a reliable, seamless experience. The first release of WP Squared features a modern user experience with many features out of the box such as: a Content Delivery Network, Smart PHP Update, AccelerateWP, and MySQL Governor.

Version History

Latest UpdateVersionRelease Type
03-18-2024120.1.1Release Candidate
03-27-2024120.1.2Release Candidate
04-15-2024122.1.0Release Candidate

New Features

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network utilizes servers in various locations to provide content from servers closest to the viewer, making your website load faster. The integration process is quickly and easily set up using Cloudflare, the only supported CDN currently. For more information, see our Content Delivery Network documentation.

Smart PHP Update

Smart PHP Update allows a website owner to test versions of PHP on their website before the actual update occurs. This limits the chance of downtime due to incompatibilities between PHP versions and the website code. Learn more in our Smart PHP Updates documentation.

AccelerateWP and Object Cache Plugins

AccelerateWP is an OS level plugin that optimizes your WordPress website for quick delivery. It is provided with every WP Squared installation and by default, enabled. You can learn more CloudLinux’s AccelerateWP plugin on their website.

MySQL Governor

MySQL Governor gives server owners peace of mind, knowing that their server is protected from potential abuse and server overload. Enabled by default, MySQL Governor monitors MySQL usage to throttle abusers, preventing overload and improving overall performance. Learn more about how your server is protected in the MySQL Governor documentation.

Scheduled Backups

Users have the ability to schedule backups to ensure they can recover from any disaster. With builtin functionality, a user can create a back up on the fly, or schedule backups to run during less busy hours. Learn more about how to create or schedule a backup, read our documentation.

Updates and Improvements

Coming Soon!